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01.06.2020FC Minsk v Slutsk11-0 WIN ✔️
31.05.2020Macva v FK Vozdovac20-1 WIN ✔️
30.05.2020Schalke v W. Bremen20-1 WIN ✔️
29.05.2020Gorodeja v Neman20-2 WIN ✔️
28.05.2020Stuttgart v Hamburger SV13-2 WIN ✔️
27.05.2020F. Dusseldorf v Schalke12-1 WIN ✔️
26.05.2020E. Frankfurt v FreiburgX3-3 WIN ✔️
25.05.2020Herediano v GuadalupeX0-0 WIN ✔️
24.05.2020FC Koln v F. DusseldorfX2-2 WIN ✔️
23.05.2020 Freiburg v W. Bremen 20-1 WIN ✔️
22.05.2020Hertha v Union Berlin14-0 WIN ✔️
21.05.2020Musongati v Atletico OlympicX3-3 WIN ✔️
20.05.2020 Dynamo Brest v BATE 21-3 WIN ✔️
19.05.2020Ahal v Altyn Asyr21-2 WIN ✔️
18.05.2020Kopetdag Asgabat v FC AsgabatX1-1 WIN ✔️
17.05.2020St. Pauli v Nurnberg11-0 WIN ✔️
16.05.2020Hoffenheim v Herta20-3 WIN ✔️
15.05.2020BATE 2 v Slutsk 213-0 WIN ✔️
14.05.2020Netanya v B. Jerusalem12-1 WIN ✔️
13.05.2020FC Asgabat v SagadamX1-1 WIN ✔️
12.05.2020Pardubice v VlasimX1-1 WIN ✔️
11.05.2020FC Van v MasisX1-1 WIN ✔️
10.05.2020Dynamo Brest v Din. Minsk12-1 WIN ✔️
09.05.2020Slavia Mozyr v ZhodinoX0-0 WIN ✔️
08.05.2020Gorodeja v FC MinskX1-1 WIN ✔️
07.05.2020Lokomotiv Yerevan… v Masis22-5 WIN ✔️
06.05.2020Ararat v MasisX2-2 WIN ✔️
05.05.2020Ahal v Energetik12-0 WIN ✔️
04.05.2020Merw v Nebitci12-0 WIN ✔️
03.05.2020Vitebsk v Slavia Mozyr22-3 WIN ✔️
02.05.2020Vitebsk 2 v Slavia Mozyr 2X1-1 WIN ✔️
01.05.2020Smolevichi v Energetik-BGU20-2 WIN ✔️
30.04.2020Esteli v DiriangenX0-0 WIN ✔️
29.04.2020Soligorsk v Brest14-2 WIN ✔️
28.04.2020 NO MATCHES TODAY //////////////////
27.04.2020Ferretti v Managua FCX0-0 WIN ✔️
26.04.2020Isloch Minsk v Vitebsk 12-0 WIN ✔️
25.04.2020Brest v Soligorsk20-2 WIN ✔️
24.04.2020Smolevichi v Din. Minsk21-3 WIN ✔️
23.04.2020Diriangen * v Juventus Managua11-0 WIN ✔️
22.04.2020 NO MATCHES TODAY //////////////////
21.04.2020 NO MATCHES TODAY //////////////////
20.04.2020Merw v FC Asgabat20-1 WIN ✔️
19.04.2020CSKA Pomir Dush… v Lokomotiv Pamir13-1 WIN ✔️
18.04.2020Isloch Minsk v Slavia Mozyr12-1 WIN ✔️
17.04.2020Belshina v SmolevichiX1-1 WIN ✔️
16.04.2020Esteli v DiriangenX0-0 WIN ✔️
15.04.2020Din. Minsk 2 v Neman 215-0 WIN ✔️
14.04.2020Bele Barkarby v Bromstens11-0 WIN ✔️
13.04.2020Slavia Mozyr v Rukh BrestX0-0 WIN ✔️
12.04.2020Smolevichi v SoligorskX0-0 WIN ✔️
11.04.2020Zhodino v Energetik-BGU12-0 WIN ✔️
10.04.2020Jeunes Athletiques v New Oil X1-1 WIN ✔️
09.04.2020Sabanas v JalapaX0-0 WIN ✔️
08.04.2020Slavia Mozyr v BATE11-0 WIN ✔️
07.04.2020Vasalunds v Kungsangens23-4 WIN ✔️
06.04.2020Jalapa v Chinandega20-1 WIN ✔️
05.04.2020Smolevichi v Vitebsk20-1 WIN ✔️
04.04.2020Soligorsk v NemanX0-0 WIN ✔️
03.04.2020Belshina v Gorodeja20-1 WIN ✔️
02.04.2020Managua FC v EsteliX1-1 WIN ✔️
01.04.2020Diriagen U20 v Ferretti U20X3-3 WIN ✔️
31.03.2020FC Slonim v Arsenal Dzyarzhy…21-3 WIN ✔️
30.03.2020Ingelstad IS v SkabersjoX1-1 WIN ✔️
29.03.2020Neman v Vitebsk12-0 WIN ✔️
28.03.2020FC Minsk v Din. Minsk13-2 WIN ✔️
27.03.2020Qviding v OddevoldX0-0 WIN ✔️
26.03.2020Vaster v IK Virgo12-0 WIN ✔️
25.03.2020Chita v Kholding21-2 WIN ✔️
24.03.2020Alets IK v SperlingsholmsX3-3 WIN ✔️
23.03.2020Sabanas v ChinandegaX1-1 WIN ✔️
22.03.2020Santa Rita v Wiliet12-0 WIN ✔️
21.03.2020Interclube v Libolo12-0 WIN ✔️
20.03.2020Brisbane Roar v Newcastle Jets11-0 WIN ✔️
19.03.2020Violette v ArcahaieX1-1 WIN ✔️
18.03.2020 San Felipe v CD Santa Cruz X1-1 WIN ✔️
17.03.2020 Goztepe v Rizespor 12-0 WIN ✔️
16.03.2020Altinordu v BalikesirsporX1-1 WIN ✔️
15.03.2020 Nueva Chicago v Ferro X1-1 WIN ✔️
14.03.2020 Javor v Cukaricki X2-2 WIN ✔️
13.03.2020 Manama Club v East Riffa X0-0 WIN ✔️
12.03.2020Fovu Baham v Avion AcademyX1-1 WIN ✔️
11.03.2020La Equidad v PastoX1-1 WIN ✔️
10.03.2020Valencia v Atalanta23-4 WIN ✔️
09.03.2020Genclerbirligi v AntalyasporX1-1 WIN ✔️
08.03.2020Udinese v FiorentinaX0-0 WIN ✔️
07.03.2020Angers v Nantes12-0 WIN ✔️
06.03.2020Alaves v ValenciaX1-1 WIN ✔️
05.03.2020Granada v Ath. Bilbao12-1 WIN ✔️
04.03.2020Bravo v Domzale12-1 WIN ✔️
03.03.2020WBA v Newcastle22-3 WIN ✔️
02.03.2020APOEL v OmoniaX0-0 WIN ✔️
01.03.2020Bordeaux v NiceX1-1 WIN ✔️
29.02.2020West Ham v Southampton13-1 WIN ✔️
28.02.2020Nimes v Marseille22-3 WIN ✔️
27.02.2020Benfica v ShakhtarX3-3 WIN ✔️
26.02.2020Mura v Maribor21-2 WIN ✔️
25.02.2020Napoli v BarcelonaX1-1 WIN ✔️
24.02.2020Perugia v Empoli20-1 WIN ✔️
23.02.2020St. Etienne v ReimsX1-1 WIN ✔️
22.02.2020Angers v Montpellier11-0 WIN ✔️
21.02.2020Nice v BrestX2-2 WIN ✔️
20.02.2020Sporting v Basaksehir13-1 WIN ✔️
19.02.2020Tottenham v RB Leipzig20-1 WIN ✔️
18.02.2020Atl. Madrid v Liverpool11-0 WIN ✔️
17.02.2020Antalyaspor v Kasimpasa13-1 WIN ✔️
16.02.2020Cagliari v Napoli20-1 WIN ✔️
15.02.2020Nimes v Angers11-0 WIN ✔️
14.02.2020Valencia v Atl. MadridX2-2 WIN ✔️
13.02.2020Antwerp v GenkX1-1 WIN ✔️
12.02.2020Reading v WBA21-2 WIN ✔️
11.02.2020Wimbledon v IpswichX0-0 WIN ✔️
10.02.2020Salernitana v Trapani11-0 WIN ✔️
09.02.2020SPAL v Sassuolo21-2 WIN ✔️
08.02.2020Torino v Sampdoria21-3 WIN ✔️
07.02.2020Angers v Lille20-2 WIN ✔️
06.02.2020Aris v AtromitosX0-0 WIN ✔️
05.02.2020Tottenham v Southampton13-2 WIN ✔️
04.02.2020Lille v Rennes11-0 WIN ✔️
03.02.2020Police v VillaX2-2 WIN ✔️
02.02.2020Udinese v Inter20-2 WIN ✔️
01.02.2020Strasbourg v Lille21-2 WIN ✔️
31.01.2020Rennes v Nantes13-2 WIN ✔️
30.01.2020Nice v Lyon21-2 WIN ✔️
29.01.2020Rayo Vallecano v Villarreal20-2 WIN ✔️
28.01.2020Blackburn v QPR12-1 WIN ✔️
27.01.2020Bournemouth v Arsenal21-2 WIN ✔️
26.01.2020Parma v Udinese12-0 WIN ✔️
25.01.2020Southampton v TottenhamX1-1 WIN ✔️
24.01.2020Lokeren v LeuvenX1-1 WIN ✔️
23.01.2020Lamia v PAOK20-1 WIN ✔️
22.01.2020Leicester v West Ham14-1 WIN ✔️
21.01.2020Zaragoza v Mallorca13-1 WIN ✔️
20.01.2020Cosenza v Crotone20-1 WIN ✔️
19.01.2020 Juventus v Parma 12-1 WIN ✔️
18.01.2020Sassuolo v Torino12-1 WIN ✔️
17.01.2020Leganes v Getafe20-3 WIN ✔️
16.01.2020Asteras T. v AEKX1-1 WIN ✔️
15.01.2020Carlisle v Cardiff23-4 WIN ✔️
14.01.2020Tottenham v Middlesbrough12-1 WIN ✔️
13.01.2020 Parma v Lecce 12-0 WIN ✔️
12.01.2020Torino v Bologna11-0 WIN ✔️
11.01.2020Cagliari v AC Milan20-2 WIN ✔️
10.01.2020 Nancy v Valenciennes 11-0 WIN ✔️
09.01.2020Torino v Genoa12-1 WIN ✔️
08.01.2020Lyon v Brest13-1 WIN ✔️
07.01.2020Manchester Utd v Manchester City21-3 WIN ✔️
06.01.2020Arsenal v Leeds11-0 WIN ✔️
05.01.2020Charlton v WBA20-1 WIN ✔️
04.01.2020Valencia v Eibar11-0 WIN ✔️
03.01.2020Bordeaux v Le Mans12-0 WIN ✔️
02.01.2020Liverpool v Sheffield Utd12-0 WIN ✔️
01.01.2020Manchester City v Everton12-1 WIN ✔️
31.12.2019Police v Medine12-1 WIN ✔️
30.12.2019Derby v Charlton12-1 WIN ✔️
29.12.2019Liverpool v Wolves11-0 WIN ✔️
28.12.2019Watford v Aston Villa13-0 WIN ✔️
27.12.2019Charleroi v Oostende15-0 WIN ✔️
26.12.2019Crystal Palace v West Ham12-1 WIN ✔️
25.12.2019ATK v Bengaluru11-0 WIN ✔️
24.12.2019Waterhouse v Molynes21-2 WIN ✔️
23.12.2019PAOK v Atromitos15-1 WIN ✔️
22.12.2019Betis v Atl. Madrid21-2 WIN ✔️
21.12.2019Monaco v Lille15-1 WIN ✔️
20.12.2019Fiorentina v AS Roma21-4 WIN ✔️
19.12.2019Anderlecht v Club Brugge20-2 WIN ✔️
18.12.2019Aris Palaiochori v Edessaikos20-3 WIN ✔️
17.12.2019Aston Villa v Liverpool15-0 WIN ✔️
16.12.2019APOEL v Achnas12-0 WIN ✔️
15.12.2019AS Roma v SPAL13-1 WIN ✔️
14.12.2019Angers v MonacoX0-0 WIN ✔️
13.12.2019Lille v Montpellier12-1 WIN ✔️
12.12.2019Wolves v Besiktas14-0 WIN ✔️
11.12.2019Bayern v Tottenham13-1 WIN ✔️
10.12.2019Napoli v Genk14-0 WIN ✔️
09.12.2019Stuttgart v Nurnberg13-1 WIN ✔️
08.12.2019 Aston Villa v Leicester 21-4 WIN ✔️
07.12.2019 Bournemouth v Liverpool 20-3 WIN ✔️
06.12.2019 Lille v Brest 11-0 WIN ✔️
05.12.2019 Zeta v Titograd 11-0 WIN ✔️
04.12.2019Liverpool v Everton15-2 WIN ✔️
03.12.2019Brest v Strasbourg15-0 WIN ✔️
02.12.2019Cagliari v Sampdoria14-3 WIN ✔️
01.12.2019Nantes v Toulouse12-1 WIN ✔️

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