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16.05.2022Juventus v LazioX2-2 WIN ✔️
15.05.2022Bologna v Sassuolo21-3 WIN ✔️
14.05.2022Metz v Angers11-0 WIN ✔️
13.05.2022Fortaleza v Dep. CaliX1-1 WIN ✔️
12.05.2022Tottenham v Arsenal13-0 WIN ✔️
11.05.2022Osasuna v GetafeX1-1 WIN ✔️
10.05.2022Valencia v Betis20-3 WIN ✔️
09.05.2022Fortaleza v Sao PauloX1-1 WIN ✔️
08.05.2022Leicester v Everton21-2 WIN ✔️
07.05.2022Sassuolo v UdineseX1-1 WIN ✔️
06.05.2022U. Magdalena v La EquidadX1-1 WIN ✔️
05.05.2022Marseille v FeyenoordX0-0 WIN ✔️
04.05.2022PAOK v Olympiakos21-2 WIN ✔️
03.05.2022Inter Turku v HJK20-1 WIN ✔️
02.05.2022Getafe v BetisX0-0 WIN ✔️
01.05.2022Lorient v Reims21-2 WIN ✔️
30.04.2022Wolves v Brighton20-3 WIN ✔️
29.04.2022Strasbourg v PSGX3-3 WIN ✔️
28.04.2022Leicester v AS RomaX1-1 WIN ✔️
27.04.2022Wolfsberger v Austria ViennaX1-1 WIN ✔️
26.04.2022Ried v AdmiraX1-1 WIN ✔️
25.04.2022Crystal Palace v LeedsX0-0 WIN ✔️
24.04.2022Lille v Strasbourg11-0 WIN ✔️
23.04.2022Brentford v TottenhamX0-0 WIN ✔️
22.04.2022Wolfsburg v Mainz15-0 WIN ✔️
21.04.2022Burnley v Southampton12-0 WIN ✔️
20.04.2022Reims v Lille12-1 WIN ✔️
19.04.2022Randers v Silkeborg21-2 WIN ✔️
18.04.2022Gent v AnderlechtX0-0 WIN ✔️
17.04.2022Nantes v AngersX1-1 WIN ✔️
16.04.2022Cagliari v Sassuolo11-0 WIN ✔️
15.04.2022Koge v F. AmagerX1-1 WIN ✔️
14.04.2022Atalanta v RB Leipzig20-2 WIN ✔️
13.04.2022Randers v Midtjylland21-3 WIN ✔️
12.04.2022Aurora v The Strongest11-0 WIN ✔️
11.04.2022Bologna v Sampdoria12-0 WIN ✔️
10.04.2022Norwich v Burnley12-0 WIN ✔️
09.04.2022Watford v Leeds20-3 WIN ✔️
08.04.2022Santa Fe v Pasto13-0 WIN ✔️
07.04.2022West Ham v LyonX1-1 WIN ✔️
06.04.2022Burnley v Everton13-2 WIN ✔️
05.04.2022C-Osaka v Kashiwa20-1 WIN ✔️
04.04.2022Nancy v AC Ajaccio20-2 WIN ✔️
03.04.2022Troyes v Reims11-0 WIN ✔️
02.04.2022Leeds v SouthamptonX1-1 WIN ✔️
01.04.2022Union Berlin v 1.FC Koln11-0 WIN ✔️
31.03.2022Sao Paulo v Palmeiras13-1 WIN ✔️
30.03.2022Cortulua v Fortaleza20-1 WIN ✔️
29.03.2022Oldham v Leyton Orient12-0 WIN ✔️
28.03.2022Tristan v QuilmesX2-2 WIN ✔️
27.03.2022Sao Paulo v Corinthians12-1 WIN ✔️
26.03.2022Mirassol v Aqua Santa20-1 WIN ✔️
25.03.2022Operario v Maringa FCX1-1 WIN ✔️
24.03.2022Quilmes v AgropecuarioX1-1 WIN ✔️
23.03.2022Cortulua v EnvigadoX1-1 WIN ✔️
22.03.2022Port Vale v ExeterX0-0 WIN ✔️
21.03.2022Tenerife v Almeria20-1 WIN ✔️
20.03.2022AS Roma v Lazio13-0 WIN ✔️
19.03.2022Hertha v Hoffenheim13-0 WIN ✔️
18.03.2022Botosani v UTA Arad11-0 WIN ✔️
17.03.2022Everton v Newcastle11-0 WIN ✔️
16.03.2022Arsenal v Liverpool20-2 WIN ✔️
15.03.2022WBA v Fulham11-0 WIN ✔️
14.03.2022Roda v Graafschap12-0 WIN ✔️
13.03.2022West Ham v Aston Villa12-1 WIN ✔️
12.03.2022Troyes v Nantes11-0 WIN ✔️
11.03.2022Tranmere v Mansfield13-2 WIN ✔️
10.03.2022Leeds v Aston Villa20-3 WIN ✔️
09.03.2022Betis v E. frankfurt21-2 WIN ✔️
08.03.2022 Solihull Moors v Notts County X3-3 WIN ✔️
07.03.2022Besiktas v BasaksehirX2-2 WIN ✔️
06.03.2022Fiorentina v VeronaX1-1 WIN ✔️
05.03.2022Newcastle v Brighton12-1 WIN ✔️
04.03.2022Castanhal v VitoriaX1-1 WIN ✔️
03.03.2022Grasshoppers v Lugano21-2 WIN ✔️
02.03.2022Mallorca v Real Sociedad20-2 WIN ✔️
01.03.2022Portsmouth v Oxford Utd13-2 WIN ✔️
28.02.2022Granada v CadizX0-0 WIN ✔️
27.02.2022Metz v NantesX0-0 WIN ✔️
26.02.2022Brighton v Aston Villa20-2 WIN ✔️
25.02.2022Levante v Elche13-0 WIN ✔️
24.02.2022Lazio v PortoX2-2 WIN ✔️
23.02.2022Watford v Crystal Palace21-4 WIN ✔️
22.02.2022Villarreal v JuventusX1-1 WIN ✔️
21.02.2022Jong AZ v Breda20-2 WIN ✔️
20.02.2022Wolves v Leicester12-1 WIN ✔️
19.02.2022Lens v LyonX1-1 WIN ✔️
18.02.2022Mainz v B. Leverkusen13-2 WIN ✔️
17.02.2022Barcelona v NapoliX1-1 WIN ✔️
16.02.2022Inter v Liverpool20-2 WIN ✔️
15.02.2022Zlin v Liberec12-0 WIN ✔️
14.02.2022Mallorca v Ath. Bilbao13-2 WIN ✔️
13.02.2022Leicester v West HamX2-2 WIN ✔️
12.02.2022Everton v Leeds13-0 WIN ✔️
11.02.2022Oss v Eindhoven21-2 WIN ✔️
10.02.2022Wolves v Arsenal20-1 WIN ✔️
09.02.2022Norwich v Crystal PalaceX1-1 WIN ✔️
08.02.2022Newcastle v Everton13-1 WIN ✔️
07.02.2022Salernitana v SpeziaX2-2 WIN ✔️
06.02.2022Sampdoria v Sassuolo14-0 WIN ✔️
05.02.2022Fiorentina v Lazio20-3 WIN ✔️
04.02.2022Hertha v BochumX1-1 WIN ✔️
03.02.2022Mirassol v Guarani12-0 WIN ✔️
02.02.2022Barnsley v Cardiff20-1 WIN ✔️
01.02.2022Lyon v Marseille12-1 WIN ✔️
31.01.2022Portsmouth v Charlton21-2 WIN ✔️
30.01.2022Cardiff v Nottingham12-1 WIN ✔️
29.01.2022Colchester v SwindonX1-1 WIN ✔️
28.01.2022Huddersfueld v StokeX1-1 WIN ✔️
27.01.2022Madureira v Resende11-0 WIN ✔️
26.01.2022Angers v St. Etienne20-1 WIN ✔️
25.01.2022RWDM v Westerlo20-2 WIN ✔️
24.01.2022Blackburn v Middlesbrough11-0 WIN ✔️
23.01.2022Nantes v Lorient14-2 WIN ✔️
10.01.2022Torino v Fiorentina14-0 WIN ✔️
23.11.2021Tomayapo v Nacional Potosi13-0 WIN ✔️
22.11.2021Nac. Asuncion v Cerro Porteno21-5 WIN ✔️
21.06.2021Ukrajina v Austrija20-1 WIN ✔️
20.06.2021Mikkeli v JIPPO14-1 WIN ✔️
19.06.2021Portugal v Njemacka22-4 WIN ✔️
18.06.2021Fluminense v Santos11-0 WIN ✔️
17.06.2021Santamarina v All Boys12-0 WIN ✔️
16.06.2021Turska v Wales20-2 WIN ✔️
15.06.2021Francuska v Njemacka11-0 WIN ✔️
14.06.2021Kolumbija v Ekvador11-0 WIN ✔️
13.06.2021Ansan Greeners v Busan22-3 WIN ✔️
12.06.2021Anyang v Seoul E.X0-0 WIN ✔️
11.06.2021Ferro v Brown Adroque11-0 WIN ✔️
10.06.2021Atletico GO v CorinthiansX0-0 WIN ✔️
09.06.2021Londrina v Operario11-0 WIN ✔️
08.06.2021Nublense v A. Italiano11-0 WIN ✔️
07.06.2021Colo Colo v La Serena12-0 WIN ✔️
06.06.2021Huachipato v EvertonX0-0 WIN ✔️
05.06.2021Cobresal v U. Calera20-1 WIN ✔️
04.06.2021Kusatsu v Mito12-1 WIN ✔️
03.06.2021Rayo Vallecano v Leganes13-0 WIN ✔️
02.06.2021Girona v Almeria13-0 WIN ✔️
01.06.2021A. Italiano v U. De Chile12-1 WIN ✔️
31.05.2021U. Catolica v Barcelona SC12-0 WIN ✔️
30.05.2021Nantes v Toulouse20-1 WIN ✔️
29.05.2021Kiel v FC Koln21-5 WIN ✔️
28.05.2021St. Patricks v Dundalk20-2 WIN ✔️
27.05.2021Toulouse v Nantes21-2 WIN ✔️
26.05.2021Esbjerg v HelsingorX2-2 WIN ✔️
25.05.2021Brisbane Roar v Melbourne City 13-0 WIN ✔️
24.05.2021Vejle v LyngbyX2-2 WIN ✔️
23.05.2021Fulham v Newcastle20-2 WIN ✔️
22.05.2021Elche v Ath. Bilbao12-0 WIN ✔️
21.05.2021Blackpool v Oxford UtdX3-3 WIN ✔️
20.05.2021Anderlecht v Club BruggeX3-3 WIN ✔️
19.05.2021Santa Clara v Farense14-0 WIN ✔️
18.05.2021Southampton v Leeds20-2 WIN ✔️
17.05.2021Barnsley v Swansea20-1 WIN ✔️
16.05.2021Bordeaux v Lens13-0 WIN ✔️
15.05.2021Brighton v West HamX1-1 WIN ✔️
14.05.2021Kolding v HobroX0-0 WIN ✔️
13.05.2021Aston Villa v EvertonX0-0 WIN ✔️
12.05.2021Bologna v Genoa20-2 WIN ✔️
11.05.2021Manchester Utd v Leicester21-2 WIN ✔️
10.05.2021Fulham v Burnley20-2 WIN ✔️
09.05.2021West Ham v Everton20-1 WIN ✔️
08.05.2021Bor. Dortmund v RB Leipzig13-2 WIN ✔️
07.05.2021Stuttgart v Augsburg12-1 WIN ✔️
06.05.2021Benfica v PortoX1-1 WIN ✔️
05.05.2021AEK v PAOK21-2 WIN ✔️
04.05.2021Kiel v Sandhausen12-0 WIN ✔️
03.05.2021Mainz v HerthaX1-1 WIN ✔️
02.05.2021Bologna v FiorentinaX3-3 WIN ✔️
01.05.2021Eibar v Alaves13-0 WIN ✔️
30.04.2021Lugo v ZaragozaX2-2 WIN ✔️
29.04.2021Alanyaspor v FenerbahceX0-0 WIN ✔️
28.04.2021PSG v Manchester City21-2 WIN ✔️
27.04.2021Real Madrid v ChelseaX1-1 WIN ✔️
26.04.2021Lazio v AC Milan13-0 WIN ✔️
25.04.2021Wolves v Burnley20-4 WIN ✔️
24.04.2021St. Etienne v Brest21-2 WIN ✔️
23.04.2021Reims v Marseille21-3 WIN ✔️
22.04.2021Napoli v Lazio15-2 WIN ✔️
21.04.2021Udinese v Cagliari20-1 WIN ✔️
20.04.2021Verona v Fiorentina21-2 WIN ✔️
19.04.2021Deinze v Westerlo20-1 WIN ✔️
18.04.2021Napoli v InterX1-1 WIN ✔️
17.04.2021Marseille v Lorient13-2 WIN ✔️
16.04.2021Everton v TottenhamX2-2 WIN ✔️
15.04.2021AS Roma v AjaxX1-1 WIN ✔️
14.04.2021Osnabruck v J. Regensburg20-1 WIN ✔️
13.04.2021Paysandu v CRB21-2 WIN ✔️
12.04.2021Brighton v EvertonX0-0 WIN ✔️
11.04.2021St. Etienne v Bordeaux14-1 WIN ✔️
10.04.201Eibar v Levante20-1 WIN ✔️
09.04.2021Fulham v Wolves20-1 WIN ✔️
08.04.2021Gaziantep v Basaksehir12-0 WIN ✔️
07.04.2021Bayern v PSG22-3 WIN ✔️
06.04.2021Ermis v Achnas21-2 WIN ✔️
05.04.2021Wolves v West Ham22-3 WIN ✔️
04.04.2021Aston Villa v Fulham13-1 WIN ✔️
03.04.2021Arsenal v Liverpool20-3 WIN ✔️
02.04.2021Levante v Huesca20-2 WIN ✔️
01.04.2021Coimbra v Athletic Club11-0 WIN ✔️

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