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Below you can find the answers to the most common questions we get from our customers. If you can’t find your question in the betting tips FAQ feel free to contact us.

What are fixed matches in football?

Match fixing is the procedure of pre-determining the result of the match prior to the actual match which most often is done due to obtaining a payoff from gamblers. In many football leagues, especially smaller ones, the score is often influenced by stakeholders who tend to turn the outcome of the football match in their favor. 

It’s rare to hear of a fixed game in EPL, or La Liga, but very common in smaller leagues in countries like Ghana, Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil, Cameroon, etc because there’s not too much attention in such countries.

Fixed Matches are not always about who is the winner. Very often the people involved in making these agreements pre-determine correct scores, halftime/fulltime predictions, number of goals, home win, away win, and draw predictions. 

An estimated 300 football games are fixed each year in Europe, according to Sportradar, a company that monitors betting patterns.

Are fixed matches real? Do fixed matches exist?

Yes, fixed matches are real and they do exist. However, it is very hard to find a real source of fixed matches because people involved in fixing matches have to be very cautious not to be caught. But, there are many football managers that they collaborate with and they resell the matches to agencies such as World Fixed Predictions.

How to find fixed matches?

As explained in the previous answer, only a limited number of agencies collaborate with the football managers who get fixed matches from real sources. So, if you want to get a fixed match you need to find a reliable football prediction site that works with the right people and buy from the options they offer. Our website is one of them, so if you read this you already found a source for fixed matches.

How can I get fixed matches?

This first thing to do is contact us via email or whatsapp and let us know that you want to buy a fixed match. We will send you all options and their rates upon which you make a choice and pay us via your preferred payment method. After payment you will get your fixed match via email or whatsapp.

How do fixed matches work?

Match-fixing involves a network of individuals whose main objective is to fabricate the result of a game outcome or of smaller details within the game. The latter is called spot-fixing and entails trying to get a certain number of throw-ins, corners, points played, etc. Usually, it is not easy to spot this activity as the actions don’t have a significant impact on the result of a game. People like referees or coaches can also be involved in these schemes. They are using different tactics such as resting key players. Everything can be used to reduce the performance of their own team, when needed. Very few people are involved in the whole process. In spite of it, there is a channel of resellers who collaborate with agencies who then sell those fixed matches with a broader audience. 

Where do fixed matches come from?

The real source of fixed matches is explained in the questions above. Speaking of our football matches and tips, they come from our long-term collaborators who are directly involved in the match fixing process.

How much do fixed matches cost?

Our fixed matches have different rates which usually depend on the odd and the number of matches you are buying. We can state our pricing list publicly as the rate often varies and that is because we also pay different prices for different matches. So, if you want to get a price, feel free to contact us via email or whatsapp.

Where to get fixed matches for free?

There are no fixed matches for free. All agencies included in this business pay big money to obtain fixed matches from real sources and it is not worthwhile for them to give fixed matches for free. 

Can I get fixed matches and pay after winning?

No. Our policy doesn’t include pay after winning. We used to provide half of the payment after winning but we had a bad experience and because of that reason we now work with full upfront payments only.

What type of betting predictions tips do you offer?

We offer various predictions tips that often come as a combination of several matches or so-called VIP tickets. We sell matches from different football leagues with small and big odds. Our selection of fixed matches tips includes Half-time full-time tips and 1×2 tips.

For everyone who buys from us we offer the following options:

HT-FT tips – 1 single match/2single matches/3 single matches –  (Tip: 2/1,1/2, X/1, X/X)

VIP Ticket – 4 HT-FT matches  (Tip: X/1, X/X, X-2, 1-1, 1-X, 2-2, 2-X)

Daily Single Subscription – we send you 1 match daily and it can be for a period of 1,2 or 3 months.

Which option do you recommend to buy?

Everything depends on your goal. If you aim to win big money we recommend the HT-FT 2/1 and 1/2 matches. However, as they are more expensive, for those of you who can’t afford them we recommend to start with the monthly subscription or Vip ticket and buy Half time full time matches with big odds after you make money with smaller football odds.

Are your free tips 100% sure?

Our agents use various statistics in order to predict the matches, but mind that these matches are not fixed in advance. They have high chances to win, but we don’t guarantee for them.  To get sure matches we have to pay our agents and you have to pay us.

What is the success of your free tips?

Our statistics show that 90% of the free tips are correct.

Are fixed matches 100% sure?

Yes, our fixed matches are 100% sure. 

However, even though it rarely happens, please be aware that even when things are agreed in advance sometimes they can go the wrong way. In this case, we offer a replacement.

What is your guarantee for betting tips?

We guarantee that you will see at least a minimum of 99% winning rate of our betting tips upon completion of the service. We will replace any tips if the match is not a win.

How long after payment will I receive the fixed matches?

It takes us 5 to 30 minutes to send you the match. 

Do you have a free trial for free football fixed matches?

No, we don’t offer a free trial. However, we sometimes have promotions. If you want to be informed when we have promotions please subscribe to our newsletter or just contact us saying: I want to be informed of all of your promotions.

How can I win a betting ticket?

Sometimes, all you need is luck. But, this happens very rarely, so, the best way to win a betting ticket is to buy fixed matches and bet on them. Just please don’t combine our fixed matches with other matches as that could lead to losing.

How to win big on football bets?

The best-case scenario is combining 2 or 3 half time full time matches with big odds. For that reason, we recommend our offer which includes 1-2 and 2-1 matches.

Do I get a replacement fixed match in case of loss?

Yes, you get 1 replacement football tip. This happens very rarely, but we all know that even when things are agreed sometimes they can go the wrong way. If the first replacement is also a loss or draw we give you a second replacement and so on until the football match is a win. This is very useful if you play with the “Martingale betting system” (double your bet in case of loss).

We also give you a replacement if the match is canceled or postponed.

How will I receive my football fixed matches?

You will receive your match with e-mail or whatsapp as soon as the payment is completed. You can tell us whether you prefer email or whatsapp or both.

What football odds do your matches have?

Our odds vary and they usually range from 1.15 to 30.00. By combining 2 or 3 of our betting tips on the same ticket you gen reach very high odds.

Which bookmakers do you recommend? What bookmakers have the best odds?

We recommend Bet365, Sbobet, 12bet, Betfair, Pinnacle, 188bet and 10bet. The odds vary, so we recommend you to compare at least 3 bookmakers before betting. 

What is the winning rate of your fixed matches?

Our winning/success rate is more than 97% which shows that football bettors have a great opportunity to win big money.

Which football leagues does your football prediction site cover?

Most of our betting tips are for football matches in lower football divisions not on major leagues because lower divisions are more prone to match fixing. However, we sometimes have matches from big leagues such as Premier League, English football league, Bundesliga, MLS, La Liga, UEFA Champions League, Serie A, EFL Championship and more.

Is it possible that the fixed match loses?

Rarely, but such a possibility exists. This depends on many factors.

Do you have fixed matches every day?

Almost every day but it depends on leagues and championships, winter and summer breaks etc.

Will you ask for more after I do the payment?

No, no and no. This has never happened and will never happen. We only charge you the amount which we agree. 

What makes a fixed match to lose?

Many factors are in the game. Sometimes the people involved in fixing the matches get caught. Sometimes the agreement may be broken during the match because of unexpected arguments. 

Can I subscribe to a monthly subscription of betting tips?

Yes, we have subscriptions for 1, 2 or 3 months. The longer period you subscribe for the cheaper the price is per month.

What type of payments do you accept?

You can pay via Paypal, Western Union, Skrill, Neteller or Moneygram.

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